Saturday, July 4, 2009

Official Beginning

Hello to you, whoever you are! I have officially started to use this blog now; I scrapped my old one because of some uploading issues, unfortunately! Farewell, sweetcakes at brezio!

Anyway, a quick update, seeing as how it's 3:44 now (eeks!). As as I said, I'm trashing my old blog at brezio and am using this, and because I'm switching, all my photos have also thus been uploaded to my Flickr account. I've pretty much moved all of my galleries into various sets. There's a picture of a beautiful girl named Paulina in my last post. Not only is she a friend of mine, she also happens to be another fellow photography-lover. She and I were talking a couple months back, and she said something along the lines of "man, I always take pictures of my friends and other people, but I never get pictures of myself taken!" And thus, the phototrip out to the Caledon Badlands was born.

In early June, we, along wit
h another photoloving friend Alan, drove out to the Badlands and started snapping a couple shots here and there. I'm not sure if you can see it in the landscape picture of the Badlands, but those hills were damn STEEP. And of all the possible footwear I chose to wore that day, I wore flipflops - perfect! At least they were cheap Old Navy ones, because they were pretty trashed by the end of the day. But, I shouldn't complain; Paulina wore 3.5" heeled boots and she was running up and down the hills just fine. Strong lass, that one :D

Anyway, we spent a couple of hours experimenting and snapping shots there until the bugs started coming out in the early evening, which we promptly left thereafter. You can view those pictures in the Badlands Photoshoot set.

So that's my update. I also flew down to Boston for my cousin's wedding a couple weeks ago and ended up snapping over 2000 photos, so once I have those touched up, I'll post 'em up on Flickr and post a couple here too.

Till then, fellow readers! (Whoever you are 0_o)


  1. Hey, I was up that late too. Isn't that fun, we're like, pals now.

  2. How come you didn't transfer over all your other posts from the last blog?